Aphrodite Got a Pimple Bagged Photocopied Cartwheel King Clouds and Flowers Clown School Doodle Blocked Doodleabra Missing Dressed in the Dark Entwined Cucumbers and Melons Gone Out Greaser Me in the 80s Part 2 - The Mid Eighties Journey Me in the 80s Part 3 - The Late Eighties Masked Hot Air Devil In the Clouds Mother and Child Hibiscus Angel On Ice Operation 2010 Pantaloons Wombat Revolution Cubist Barbed Me in the 80s Part 1 - The Early Eighties Dude The Navigator Pacifist People I Used to Work With - The Bitch Ctrl Alt Delete Dummy Jimmy Dean Mother Boxed Barrel of Doodles Conjoined Coffee Head Internal Exploration Hammock Post It Note Man Prisoner Josie Professor Poolus Ponyus Monday Morning Plus Size Pole shhhh! Shout Shower Scene Pilot Hopscotch Picket Fence P.lastic A.rms U.ltraviolet L.egs Security Pass Shadow People I Used to Work With - The Farter Relaxed Rain Drops Suave Suspect Tall Dude Spinning Head Tunnel Face Speed Bump Tough Guy Caught Sitting Down to Pee Skunk Lady Internal Rain Sand Castles Turn Me On Tubster Sketchy Lady Unmasked Clowning Around Nude Reclining Rolling Pin Chain Link People Boots Balls and Chains
I do not paint a portrait to look like the subject, rather does the person grow to look like his portrait. - Salvador Dali -